History and monuments of Kazimierz

A visit to Kazimierz is almost a must during a sightseeing tour around Krakow. Founded in 1335 by King Casimir the Great an independent city with a chess-board system of streets and defensive walls has been partially preserved to this day. Before World War II the district was inhabited by tens of thousands of Jews. It was a characteristic district due to its colours, the culture and the atmosphere. After the war Kazimierz went to ruins and was abandoned. In subsequent years, it was successively inhabited and revitalized, it restored its former climate and today again is full of life.

The first and most important monument of Kazimierz is the Old Synagogue. Now it houses a branch of the Historical Museum of the City of Krakow with the monuments of Jewish history and culture. The only active synagogue is the famous Remuh Synagogue. One of the oldest Jewish cemetery in Poland adjacent to it was destroyed during the war by the Nazis, and in recent times it has been carefully restored. Among the remaining synagogues and prayer houses in the Kazimierz district that preserved to this day and are worth paying attention to is a small Popper Synagogue,  Isaac Synagogue and Tempel Synagogue. A walk along the charming streets of Kazimierz allows you to experience the atmosphere of pre-war Jewish district. For lovers of technical monuments we recommend a visit to the Museum of Municipal Engineering in a former tram depot.

Today, Kazimierz is mainly a site of meeting for different cultures and nationalities. Every year numerous festivals are held there. The most famous one is the Festival of Jewish Culture with exhibitions, happenings and klezmer live music and dancing until dawn. The phenomenon of the district is that it preserved its authenticity despite commercialization and gaining huge popularity. Currently, regardless of the season of the year and time of day restaurants, pubs, and cafes in Kazimierz are full of people from all over the world.

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