The history of the place and description of a trip

Nowa Huta is the first Polish socialist realistic city built on a semicircle plan according to the Renaissance architectural concepts. Nowa Huta was built for employees of the metallurgical plant, which was opened in 1954. Today, the production of the plant has been largely limited, and emissions eliminated. However, an enormous urban agglomeration with population of 200,000 residents has remained.

A journey to the times of PRL is based on transport by retro Trabant called “Honecker’s Revenge”. During the sightseeing tour tourists not only learn about the history of Nowa Huta and the socialist realistic architecture, but also know interesting anecdotes. There will be a break for a soft drink at the restaurant “Stylowa”, a visit to the communist flat-museum, lunch in a typical milk bar and a lesson in driving a Trabant car. This is an unforgettable form of sightseeing and unusual travel back in time.

Necessary information:

  • Alcohol only for persons over 18 years of age.

Individual Tour

  • Duration: 4h
  • Price: 179 PLN / person
  • The offer includes: guide service, lunch and a driving lesson (Trabant)
  • Language: English, other languages: on request